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Marvellous Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia. Having a total area of ​​2724.9 thousand square kilometres, it is the ninth- largest country in the world. Our country borders with Russia, China, and countries of Central Asia. It is also known that several European countries could fit within the territory of Kazakhstan. It has vast mineral resources, including almost every element of the periodic table. Flora and fauna of Kazakhstan is rich with various species of plants, animals, and birds, many of which are included in the IUCN Red List. Several thousand rivers and lakes flow through Kazakhstan. Our largest lake is Balkhash, which is unique in composition, with half of the lake containing only fresh water, and the other – saline water. With the west of Kazakhstan having the Caspian Sea, the south – Tyan Shan Mountains, and the east – South Altai, all these sites constitute the infinite treasures of Kazakhstani people.


While traveling in Kazakhstan I discovered some remarkably unique landscapes. Maybe this will help someone to remember the places long left behind or to see the country where they lived, studied, and, perhaps, to where they always sought to return …


On this website you will find more about the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan, read legends about various places and miscellaneous parts of our country, get acquainted with the customs and traditions of Kazakhs, learn about the individuals our people are proud of.


Currently, more than eighteen million people live in Kazakhstan, approximately a million ethnic Kazakhs live outside their homeland. According to studies conducted by the UN, Kazakhstan is one of the countries with high human development index.


Many people who have left Kazakhstan to live abroad recall the time spent there with warmth, are often interested in changes in Kazakhstan, and miss traditional delicacies. http://myhomekz.com/tag/kazahskie-natsionalnyie-blyuda/ you can find out more about the dishes of Kazakh cuisine.


The customs and traditions of Kazakhs, just like in every other nation in the world, have been developing over the course of several centuries, and they do not fail to enrapture with their wisdom. You can find a description of customs and rituals under the heading http://myhomekz.com/tag/obyichai-i-traditsii-kazahov/

Over the long history of the Kazakh people, many great creators were born – enlighteners, akyns, batyrs, who defended their land. Our article on http://myhomekz.com/tag/vyidayushhiesya-lyudi-kazahstana/ is dedicated to the life and work of some of these famous people.


Due to certain historical and political changes in our country, most local people have Russian as their first language, rather than Kazakh. Moreover, many Kazakh citizens do not know the positive aspects of our mentality, moulded by the traditions and customs of our ancestors – respect for elders, nobleness and mercy, eastern wisdom. Perhaps, with the needed resources someone will have an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives, learn more about our fascinating customs, or simply find something useful for themselves to know while preparing for the wedding of their son or daughter, or rejoicing at the birth of their heir (find out more in the section on http://myhomekz.com/tag/betashar/ ).

As said before, the territory of Kazakhstan could accommodate several other countries, therefore, the presence of dialects in the Kazakh language and the differences in some customs are most often caused by the vastness of the area of the country. Climatic conditions and the diversity of nationalities – with more than 100 different nations inhabiting Kazakhstan – only slightly altered the national flavour and added a fun twist to the recipes of some national dishes.

Kazakh cuisine has become especially diverse – now many people consider “manty” a Kazakh dish, although it originated from Dungan cuisine, and “chak-chak” – a Tatar dish – has long been a favourite dessert at our tois (celebrations). But the main treat of the Kazakhs, Beshbarmak, attracts with its simplicity in preparation and remarkable taste.

About the beautiful nature of Kazakhstan : the endless steppes in the West of Kazakhstan, the majestic mountains in the South of Kazakhstan, the rivers and lakes in Central Kazakhstan, the rich flora and fauna of East and North Kazakhstan much has been written, however,  only a part of it all can be seen on this website.


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